The Wrath of Khan

I can’t completely justify voting for Imran Khan’s PTI in the 2013 election. I thought it was a simple decision at the time. I could not vote for PMLN and PPP, given their past record. And it seemed useless to vote for minor parties, even thought they had legitimate manifestos. So I decided to give my vote to Hamid Khan who was a reputable man and an important member of the lawyers movement.

I regret it immensely.

Khan is a narcissist, a right winged conservative, along with being a Taliban apologist who calls the very people who murder people openly in Pakistan ‘brothers.’ His speech after winning the World Cup is probably one of the worst acceptance speeches I have ever heard. He makes no mention of his team, his country or its citizens. He does however promote his newly established hospital and tells the world, “I won the World Cup.” That’s it.

Khan channels the same arrogance and narcissism, which I’m sure he doesn’t have to look too deep within himself to find, when he makes speeches as chairman of PTI. Everyone stands by as the Captain tells everyone who chooses to listen that he is out here to save Pakistan, that he alone can reform the system and he will bowl over anyone who stands in his way. His fellow party members, mostly cast aways and have beens from Jamaat-e-Islami, PML N and PPP, listen half heartedly; sometimes with disgust evident on their faces, as Khan continues to praise himself. Javed Hashmi, perhaps the only big political catch by PTI, also listens but almost never chants “Go Nawaz Sharif Go!” His allegiance to PTI has been called into question frequently.

I have no doubt that PTI has become a cult. Its most devout followers do not respond to any legitimate criticism of the party, be it questions over PTI’s canoodling with banned terrorist parties or his outlandish claims of ending terrorism or corruption in a matter of months. How? What? Why? Doesn’t matter. It’s Khan. He won a trophy in a sport. Built one well run hospital. That’s all that matters. Let us give control of a country to someone who regularly condones the actions of groups that undermine the integrity of the state and the security of its citizens. Someone who has very little understanding of how politics work and thinks the world is black and white.

Khan’s most recent escapade, a march on Pakistan’s parliament is badly run. His call for civil disobedience was frowned upon by most, even his followers. His repeated calls to not pay GST are baffling. He maintains that the 2013 elections were rigged but refuses to resign in KPK, where PTI is in government. His ‘revolutionaries’ and ‘tigers’ leave for the day and return at night, coinciding nicely with prime time television. While I sympathise with his cause, I fear Imran Khan more than I fear Nawaz Sharif. Khan could have used this leverage for serious, long term reforms. He could have strengthened the election commission. But he believes that nothing will happen unless Nawaz Sharif resigns. When pressed by a news anchor about how that makes a difference given that PML N will still stay in power, Khan was baffled. Hard pressed to come up with an answer, Khan replies, “Accountability.” So accountability from a system that he believes is wholly corrupt from the judiciary to the government?

Wah Khan Sahib Wah. Aap pey qurban jaoun maiN.


3 thoughts on “The Wrath of Khan

  1. Raptor says:

    What other option do you have douchebag? stop being a pussy. pinpoint the flaws in PML-N too.
    And for fucks sake you are only 22 , how the hell could you read his mind? he may have a reason not to resign from KPK. The PML-N govt threatened to turn off the power supply for Jalsa and Bani Galla , so in turn they warned them by saying we will turn off the Tarbela Dam. It’s useful for them.
    And what reforms do you want to see? Please write about them too.

    • The irony is painful here. I hope you’re not too blind to see it.

      1) Why not point out flaws in PML N?
      Because I’m not obliged to in anyway. This is my blog. I get to talk about whatever I want. Plus it wouldn’t make sense since I’m talking about Imran Khan

      2)You’re 22!
      So I assume you can read minds when you’re 60? I haven’t read his mind. I have observed his actions and I have every right to make a judgment. If Khan can, why can’t I?

      3)Tarbela Dam
      Yaar aap ko jab dil chahta hai apnay principles par aa jatay ho. If the whole elections are rigged, why keep KPK? It makes Khan look even more power hungry.

      4) What reforms do you want to see?
      Many. None of which will be brought by IK.

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