The Screech

There are some moments that only last for a split second but keep resonating inside my mind. I don’t know why.

One of these moments has to do with the violin, an instrument I truly adore and will definitely attempt to learn once I get the opportunity. Every time I hear a violin playing, my ears are specifically calculated for a certain moment. It’s the moment when the bow strums the strings. It occurs before the string produces the melodic, brilliant sound all of us know a violin would produce. It’s a screech. It’s not neither melodic nor harmonic. But it’s beautiful. It’s gives this raw tone to the softness of the sound of a violin and I appreciate that. I don’t know exactly why. But I do.

Perhaps I’ve attached a principle to it. Maybe the screech represents something, as far as I am concerned. Maybe it reminds me that nothing in life is ever truly harmonic. Not everything will run smoothly. But given the right amount of dedication and determination an love, something good might just happen. And you will lose yourself in that goodness but continue to remember the struggle, continue to appreciate the screech.

Or maybe I just have too much free time on my hands.

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One thought on “The Screech

  1. Youknowwho :P says:

    awwwww shooo shweeet :’)

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